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Tractor-trailer-crash-Fort-Worth-Dallas-300x129How to Avoid Being in a Texas Truck Accident

Because of their size and weight, a Texas truck accident is usually far more serious than the average car crash.  There were about 5,100 fatality collisions involving trucks in the United States in 2018, according to statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That is because commercial truck crashes are much more dangerous than those involving smaller vehicles.  Here is a photo from a case we handled recently to give you an idea of the massive damage a jack-knifed 18-wheeler can cause on our North Texas roads.

Texas Truck Accident Causes

One of the first questions accident victims often ask an attorney is “How much is my case worth?” There’s no magic truck accident settlement calculator to get an instant answer. Each case is different. There are different types of damages involved. A number of factors go into the calculation of each to determine the overall value of your case. The best way to get answers is by talking to a personal injury attorney about your case. However, there are some common factors that you might want to consider as you go into this process.

Why Truck Accidents Matter

We rely on big trucks to transport all kinds of goods to every corner of the country. Without them, you wouldn’t have access to groceries, clothing, or even the US Mail. Trucks transport raw materials to manufacturers to keep them in business. Laws pertaining to truck safety help us balance the necessity of the services they provide while protecting the truck driver and other drivers on the roads. When the truck driver or trucking company doesn’t obey the laws, accidents are more likely to happen. When they do, the damage is going to be a lot more severe.

Potential disaster averted

In a harrowing close call, an intoxicated truck driver was arrested early Saturday morning when witnesses spotted his tractor-trailer speeding down C.F. Hahn Highway in the eastbound lanes — going west.

The driver was pulled over at Buckner Boulevard where Dallas Sheriff deputies administered a field sobriety test.

Due to the quick action of the deputies — and luck —  nobody was hurt before the intoxicated driver was stopped.

Which company hired this man and allowed him to be driving a 80,000 pound vehicle drunk at 3:00 a.m.?

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A jury found a trucking company grossly negligent last month in a 2011 crash on Interstate 30 that caused serious personal injuries to a woman from Mississippi.

Bobbie Bush, 41, was violently rear-ended outside of Weatherford by a tractor-trailer barrelling through a construction zone at 65 miles per hour. Her pick up truck was hit so hard that it flipped over. Ms. Bush apparently was rushed to the ICU where she spent days, had to undergo multiple surgeries and lengthy physical therapy, and is still injured. Further, her dogs were ejected from the truck and were killed, adding to her emotional trauma.

The truck driver had caused two previous rear-end collisions and was found to be grossly negligent. His employer, Greenwood Motor Lines Inc., doing business as R&L Carriers, was also found grossly negligent for failing to properly supervise and train its driver.
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Earlier this year, the Senate unanimously passed a bill blocking the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration form making a rule that would require overweight and obese truck drivers to be tested for sleep apnea. According to a report by Transport Topics, the bill is supported by the American Truckers Associations which estimates that, had the rule taken effect, it would have cost the trucking industry $1 billion dollars. The American Truckers Associations spokesperson claimed that the rule was a result of “hastily issued guidance.”

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious breathing-related sleep disorder that causes interruptions in breathing during sleep. The disruptions can last up to ten seconds in length and can occur hundreds of times over the course of a night. The result is that those who suffer from sleep apnea notice the following symptoms:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Memory problems
  • Concentration problems
  • Irritability and/or feelings of sadness or depression

Sleep apnea is a treatable disease. However, it must first be diagnosed in order to be treated. Without treatment the symptoms can become exacerbated, decreasing a driver’s ability to safely be on the road. One study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that nearly 28% of commercial truck drivers suffer from mild to severe sleep apnea.
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This law firm has aggressively represented many people over the past 33 years who have been injured in tractor-trailer collisions. They can be catastrophic.

I hope that you have not been injured in a crash with an 18 wheeler, but if, God forbid, you have been hurt in one it is essential that you hire the best local lawyer to fight for you immediately.

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I just took a key deposition in an 18 wheeler crash case in which my team rushed out to obtain damning evidence against the trucking company and I wanted to stress just how important it is for an innocent victim to hire the best attorney.

How do you know who to hire? Here are a few tips.

STEP 1: Meet with several lawyers. See if you like them. Ask them these questions:
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Truck driver fatigue is a factor in a shocking number of truck accidents. The risk of an 18 wheeler driver crashing dramatically increases as he drives longer hours. The driver is more likely to nod off and rear end another vehicle or drift into the next lane or across the centerline. But his company wants to increase its profits, and he wants to up his take home pay, so he keeps on trucking.

In an attempt to improve highway safety, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced that new federal regulations that will further crack down on driver fatigue.
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just announced that 3,757 of fatalities from motor vehicle collisions were the result of crashes with tractor trailers and other commercial trucks in 2011.

Even though they only comprise 3% of the vehicles on the road, these giant trucks caused a disproportionate 12% of the deaths. And worse, 72% of the people killed were in the smaller vehicle.

Consider these facts as you drive next to a tractor-trailer:

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