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tracy-morgan-accident-300x154Truck driver Rene Flores drove long past the hours allowed by law, then he doctored his logbooks to cover it us. And his employers knew.

The truck driver told his story to a journalist at USA Today, claiming he was fired when he complained. Of course, his employer tells a different story, putting the blame back on the driver.

I have seen this type of situation in my law practice many times. Under federal and Texas laws, both driver and employer are liable for violations of hours of service laws and for injuries caused by the inevitable wreck.

That is why I conduct a thorough investigation into the driver’s conduct and the employer’s policies and practices. Does the company set unrealistic delivery schedules? Or employ an unfair pay scheme that encourages its drivers to work dangerously long hours? Does the employer know about the hours of service violations? Is the trucker’s job threatened if he rocks the boat? In a shocking number of cases, the answers to all these questions is “yes.” Continue reading

Driver Fell Asleep Behind the Wheel of his 18-Wheeler
The driver of a tractor-trailer was lucky to escape serious injuries when he slammed into a barrier wall on Interstate-35W during the early morning hours Thursday. The auto accident occurred at 2:45 a.m. and continued to snarl Thursday’s morning rush hour traffic while crews cleared the crash. I35W near the split to Highway 121 remained partly closed until almost noon with only one lane allowing vehicles to creep by the accident scene. The trailer was carrying 38,000 pounds of frozen Brussels sprouts, which had to be unloaded before the truck could be up-righted by a large crane and towed away. (Great — who wants to eat those any way?)

The big-rig spun out of control on the wet roads, hit the guardrail and flipped onto its side. The roads were slick with rainwater at the time. However, weather is not being cited as the cause of the 18-wheeler crash. Instead, investigators believe that the driver fell asleep at the wheel before losing control of the big-rig.

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